Luxurious Dog Collars


NEW!  All LEDASS92 Luxurious Dog Collars now have leather placed on the back of each collar.   

We manufacture and design all our dog collars.  Beautiful soft nappa (calf) leather, Swarovski chatons and high quality processing provides for a distinguish dog collar, a collar that your dog will be proud of wearing.  Here you will find our classic collection of luxurious dog collars.  These collars possess a special character due to high-quality materials used and work that needs to be done to produce these dog collars.


Need help with your dog's neck extent measurement? Click here

IMPORTANT!  - Please provide accurate and precise measurements, we will not accept any returns due to inaccurate measurements

How to measure a dog collar


To accurately measure your dog's neck for a proper fit find a belt or a dog collar and wear it around your dog's neck. Note which hole you used to fasten the belt and measure as shown, from the inside edge of the buckle to the hole you used. Don't be surprised if the measurement turns out to be longer than you think, the dog collar should be. This is the measurement we need to give your dog a proper fit.Dog Collars, Dog Collar, Swarovski


Luxurious Dog Collars
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